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 There are a lot of branches about that  topic :-  1-how to eat healthy food.                                                                  

2-how to make balance between eating carbohydrates,protiens and fats in all circumstances .

  3-sports nutrition / 

a-say good bay to red meat. 

B-the high energy foods. 

c- Examples about the elite runners meals.

D-the role of carbohydrates in endurance sports. 

E-sports nutrition / is dietary nitrate the key to enhanced endurance performance.

began fast to read that research/                                                                                                                               

4-A little word for ending the research.  I was wrote the main points   so we must be gurantee  that  our life is depending on a lot of things one of them is...

1-how to eat healthy food

  the food which we eat daily. So when we eat something must be understand the advantage from eating it. There was many studies found the fast food like mc-donald,s only contain about

2 mg from carbohydrates per 100 mg from that fast food and contain high levels of  fats, that causes heart problems. So we need to think in our health and ask ourselves.

 How we can make our life better?  The answer depend on  three things the first of them is carbohydrates ,the second is proteins and the last is the fats .


2-how to make balance between eating carbohydrates,protein,s

You and me need to make some balance between them ,so we need to eat nearly about 50 - 55./.    and for athletes take between 60 – 65./. , from daily value ( carbohydrates) ,also eat between 25./.-30./. Proteins ,in the end eat between 15./. -25./. Fats and we recommended

to eat only 15./. From healthy fats like fish –not shell fish- extra virgin olive oil(organic) and

carbohydrates include: -  soy beans,kidney beans,sweet potatoes ,apples,oranges and

banana. There is many sources of quality protein include: soy beans kidney beans ,skimmed and fats in all circumstances.

walnuts may be 40 grams from it daily that is good for the heart . the best kind of

milk, chicken, girll red meat and fish.

 i must clear ,that last  information for ordinary people there are more information,still with  me and open your mind .


3-sports nutrition: -   there is many topics in that research all of them are important

so keep up with me -

A-say good bay to red meat.                                                                                                   

In the beginning must clear that,s in the sports life there is some acseptions in nutrition,that are happen because red meat have fats in it is content more than chicken or fish. For example the marathon runner need to eat after hard training a lot of proteins ,healthy and lite to can burned easy  because the athletes need to take 40 mg per kilo gram of body weight . so if they eat large amounts of red meat ,that will be affecting on their hearts in the future by negative way because of fats which found a lot in the red meat .which also make them  not loss their weight easily ,which can stored fat in athletes body until burned it, So that is not right . 

- when you  choose protein supplements for sports nutrition health ,take the most easily absorbed and high quality supplement. for example eat fish ,chicken ,eggs,

skimmed milk and kidney beans. Some elite runners prefer to eat grill meat,  like organs of caws and goats because the fats in them less than the main meat on this animals  after grill that organs .so athletes  can balance between their desires and healthy needs in sports life.


 b- the high energy foods :-                                                                                                         

To enhance your performance you need to eat power foods that is not fast food  but healthy and effective on your health by good way ,that is some of them :

1-  all kind of beans ,black  honey , sea food , frozen cock ,sweet potatoes and banana.


c-some examples about the elite runners meals:-

 the running sports training is very hard and became harder in the long distance run like 5000 m, 10000 m , and marathon . Athletes need a lot of carbohydrates in all meals ,proteins  and little amount of fats .

The runners focus on eating a lot of fruits for example : - apples, oranges , black parry ,kiwi ,  dates, banana ,pineapple, peach , and watermelon. Also  the elite runners prefer eating many vegetables like carrot ,spinach , tomato and vegetables soup .

- they organize the meals between breakfast , lunch ,and the dinner .

For example in breakfast they drink one glass from orange juice and one glass of skimmed milk with some datts and banana ,after twenty minute eat bread with  cheese and some from black honey ,with carrot or tomato .

  IN lunch / they can eat, vegetables soup  may be two cups ,with chicken they need to  moderate amount between 100-300 gram ,the best be  grilled ,one or two cups from rise ,with banana .

after the meal . they drink after the meal by 120 minutes  cup of hot or ice tea.

The dinner meal : they eat 100 gram protein like, tuna fish and one bread with  cup from vegetables with skimmed milk  , in the end drink or eat fruits  like orange or apple.

Important advices : if you want to eat between the main meals eat like Kenyan runners and eat fruits between them in all circumstances ,  take period between the main meals up to  three hours may be four if you want. The amounts of food which elite athletes eat depend on exercise duration and the intensity of it.

D-the role of carbohydrates in endurance sports :-  

we must  be shore  about the importance  of carbohydrate role in  endurance sports ,because of  carbohydrate intake during exercise might affect on performance .                                            

But there was study cleared that carbohydrate intake is not important , when the athletes , Do exercise for only 15 -45 minutes  or one hour ,but if the exercise duration became between 45 -120 minutes  the athletes must take small amounts of carbohydrates up to 30 g .

per hour during exercise ,and up to 60 g per hour during exercise  take between 1,5 : 3 hours .

-  Another study ended to that is not necessary to take on board large amounts of 

 Carbohydrate during exercise lasting approximately 30 minutes  to one hour ,simply rinsing , your mouth with carbohydrate may be sufficient ,like put little sweets in your mouth before , And during competition ,that happen even carbohydrates  is not ingested.

Practical implications:- 

  1-To use this technique ,the mouth should be rinsed with acarbohydrate  solution every 10 minutes .

2- a lollypop or sweets can also be used but care should be taken to ensure you don,t swallow it or choke on it .

3-carbohydrate drinks used for rinsing should be higher than 6./. Concentration  and it is probably more effective to use a 10-20 . /. Solution ( 10-20 grams per 100 ml ) .

4-it is okay to drink the carbohydrate as well but this is not needed to get the beneficial effect .

if you drink it make sure your don,t drink amounts that cause gastro – intestinal


5- Be aware that a keeping a carbohydrate solution in your mouth and swirling it

around your teeth can be detrimental to dental health .

E-sports nutrition : is dietary nitrate the key to enhanced

What is nitrate :-   nitrate ( chemical symbol no3 ) is an inorganic compound

composed of nitrogen and oxygen found naturally in soil and water. As mentioned

above ,the nitrate in our diet comes from both food  and drinking water ,with the

highest levels of nitrate found in vegetables, fruits and meat . what,s important in

this issue is to eat – five portions of fruits and vegetables per day ,that will typically

Nitrate health benefits : diet rich in vegetables and fruits , supplying high levels of nitrate , appears then to offer a double –whammy of health benefits , first ,numerous studies have confirmed that  the antioxidant content of this kind of diet offers significant protection aganist  a wide range of degenerative diseases and second, the high levels of nitrate supplied may also be beneficial for cardiovascular health .                                                                                                                           


Nitrate and athletic performance ; - 

    the scientists found the oxygen cost at sub- maximal levels of exercise was significantly reduced after nitrate supplementation compared with placebo .in other word  the athletes became more efficient  at using oxygen. Over the four lowest work rates – in sport study – the oxygen efficiency for Beetroot power : -          why beetroot juice is more effective in sports performance


The performance will be enhance  after  drink the beet root juice because the

oxygen efficiency became better during the high levels of endurance and speed

endurance performance?

result in quite high levels of nitrate intake.

some athletes jumped from 19,7 to21,1 ./.  .


endurance training  , because it is take long time often more than hour.

4- In the end of the research ,must say that ,the health is a crown

on the heads, of healthy people .so all of us must looking forward

to better and healthy life by depending on nutritional science and

make from it , our guide for success  in life .

IN The End i want to say , thank,s God For Your Value Gifts .


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